The minimalist portfolio management system

Online Manual

What is P5.express?

P5.express is a minimalist, practical system for portfolios of programs and projects.
It’s easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to teach.

P5.express is open and free, with a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Why P5.express?

Because most resources on managing portfolios of programs and projects are only guides that provide general advice. There are not many resources that provide a roadmap (methodology) that can be implemented, and the few that do exist are too complicated.

Most organizations don’t have a structured portfolio management system, which makes their program and project management more complicated and costly, and damages their reputation.

P5.express is designed to be easily implemented in most organizations, providing advantages with minimum effort and in a relatively short period of time.

How does P5.express work?

P5.express uses a cyclical system to make the activities more straightforward and regular. There are 6-Monthly, Monthly, and Daily Cycles, each focusing on one aspect of management activities.

In addition to the process, there are 5 management documents and two roles.

P5.express is fully described in its online manual.

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