X1 Evaluate the generated strategic value X2 Optimize and balance the value generation strategy X3 Conduct a focused communication Y1 Evaluate portfolio stakeholder satisfaction Y2 Evaluate the ongoing programs and projects Y3 Plan improvements Y4 Conduct a focused communication Z1 Manage follow-up items Z2 Start, stop, or pause programs and projects Z3 Balance resources Biannual Cycle Monthly Cycle Daily Cycle

X3 - Conduct a focused communication

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This is the time to send a message to everyone in the organization with the following content:


This focused communication has multiple advantages, including:


Focused communications in the portfolio management system are done by the portfolio manager.


This focused communication can be via email. A simplified version of the Value Generation Matrix can be attached to the email, or recipients can have limited access to viewing it in a centralized application. If some data on the matrix is confidential, ensure they’re not published to unauthorized individuals.

Alternatively, it can be turned into an organizational event, where everyone is gathered, the information is shared, and some extra exciting activities are added to celebrate the achievements and make it a pleasant experience for everyone.

If there are only a few active post-program and post-project cycles in the organization, their focused communications (e.g., activity G03 of P3.express) can be done in their layers. Otherwise, it’s usually best to bring their focused communications to the portfolio management layer and unify them to reduce the amount of communication and keep them more effective.

The portfolio manager should encourage recipients to share their opinions after receiving the message.

Remember that this communication targets a broad range of audiences in the organization. Therefore, keep it simple, short, and non-technical.

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