X1 Evaluate the generated strategic value X2 Optimize and balance the value generation strategy X3 Conduct a focused communication Y1 Evaluate portfolio stakeholder satisfaction Y2 Evaluate the ongoing programs and projects Y3 Plan improvements Y4 Conduct a focused communication Z1 Manage follow-up items Z2 Start, stop, or pause programs and projects Z3 Balance resources Biannual Cycle Monthly Cycle Daily Cycle

Y3 - Plan improvements

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In this activity, we’ll plan improvements based on the evaluation of programs and projects and stakeholders' satisfaction.


There’s always room for improvement, and this is our attempt to improve our portfolio management system continuously. These improvements are mainly about how we work in the portfolio management system and would be the basis for the gradual tailoring of the system.

Besides its primary purpose, when done properly and with the involvement of program and project managers, it will create more buy-in and, therefore, can increase the chances of success.


The portfolio manager facilitates a workshop for all program and project managers to brainstorm and plan improvements. Optionally, a similar workshop can be done with the portfolio board, either every cycle or once every few cycles.


It’s best to plan improvement in a facilitated workshop. Techniques such as Delphi can be used for facilitating such workshops. The portfolio manager acts as a facilitator and allows the participants to plan improvements.

The latest evaluation of the programs and projects (activity Y2), stored in the matrix, and stakeholders satisfaction (activity Y1), stored in the Global Health Register, are the primary sources of inspiration for planning improvements. The Global Follow-Up Register can also be used as a secondary source of inspiration.

The portfolio manager should always consider the following topics as well:

Planned improvements will be added to the Global Follow-Up Register, and a custodian (normally, one of the program or project managers, but sometimes one of the portfolio board members) will be assigned to each of them to follow up on and report back.

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